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Anniversaries: The Best Ways To Celebrate

September 9th, 2017

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By Nicole Anne A. Smith

What is the point of celebrating an anniversary? You might ask this question to yourself. Well, anniversaries are being celebrated to commemorate or remember a special event that happened in an individuals life. It is a very important event especially for the married people for the day of the wedding is one of the best part of being in a married state. Reminiscing the day of your wedding by celebrating an anniversary is a sweet thing to do. Although preparations on how to celebrate anniversaries might be hard for most, it will be fulfilling in the end for it can strengthen a couples relationship. Ways of celebrating anniversaries may differ depending on the wants of couples. Here are several ideas for celebrating a romantic anniversary.

A candle light dinner is a very romantic way of celebrating an anniversary. There are different ways to celebrate through a candle light dinner.Couples can set it in a fancy restaurant with musicians playing your favorite love songs while you and your partner are enjoying remembering and sharing with each other your experiences the year before or even before you got married. To be simpler, you can set up a candlelight dinner in your premises. You can prepare your favorite dish and set a table for two surrounded by rose petals. Surprise your partner by letting her have a blind fold and leading her into the said place. Romantic, isnt it? And not only will you have a romantic anniversary celebration, you will have enjoyment and you will also spend less.

You can also go out with your partner and have a nature trip. The best place to celebrate this special is in places where there are lesser people like near a lake or beach. You will not just enjoy the each others company and have quality time, you will also enjoy the a day or two of being away from the busy city. This is also a way of communicating with each other. Communication is a key element in lessening disagreements and misunderstandings of couples.

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Celebrating anniversaries are not just for those who are married. Even if you are separated from your partner or even if you are divorced, an anniversary can still be celebrated. It can happen depending on the conditions agreed by both parties. The good news is that this can be a way for you to be reconciled with your partner. Also, you can talk about how you ended up separating and then look for ways on how to handle the situation and be together again. This might take time but it is worth waiting for.

The real essence of celebrating anniversaries is to have quality time with each other. Consulting each other is best before deciding in about doing something. With this, nothing will be compromised. And, it does will not need too much expenses to have a romantic anniversary. You can be romantic even without spending much. All you have to do is be romantic with each other.

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Marriage counseling

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Telephone network access on iPhone unlocked by teen

September 9th, 2017

Friday, August 24, 2007

George Hotz, 17, confirmed on Friday that he has cracked the lock that joins the Apple iPhone to AT&T‘s wireless network and was using it on T-Mobile‘s network—the only other major U.S. carrier compatible with iPhone technology. This crack opens up the phone, which is only being sold in the U.S., to use on overseas networks. “That’s the big thing,” said Hotz.

Hotz posted the complicated hack, which requires skill with both soldering and software and takes about two hours to perform, to his blog Thursday. He collaborated over the Internet with four other people, including two Russians, to develop the unlocking process that leaves all iPhone functions intact, with the exception of the “visual voicemail” feature.

With the hack available to the public, there is the possibility that some will buy U.S. iPhones, unlock them and send them overseas for profit. “That’s exactly […] what I don’t want,” Hotz said. “I don’t want people making money off this.”

Hotz said he wished he could have made the instructions so that users could modify the phones themselves. “But that’s the simplest I could make them.”

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said the company has “no comment” and referred questions to Apple.

A second phone, which was also hacked by Hotz, was placed for sale on eBay. He states at the auction site “Soon, you will be able to buy unlocked iPhones everywhere, in fact probably before this auction ends. But this is the one that started it all. The one unlocked while the steps were posted live on the blog. This isn’t just an unlocked iPhone, this is a piece of history.” Starting at $540, bids reached $99,999,999, although many bids were canceled as fraudulent. Before their removal, Hotz commented on the excessive bids, stating “I’m sure these most recent bids are fake.” The auction was canceled early by Hotz due to “an error in the listing”.

American singer Johnny Maestro dies at 70

September 9th, 2017

Friday, March 26, 2010

American singer Johnny Maestro died of cancer Wednesday at his home in Cape Coral, Florida. Maestro was best known for his 1958 hit song “16 Candles” with The Crests.

He began his career in the 1950s as lead singer for The Crests, an early interracial singing group. In 1968 he joined his band, The Del-Satins, with The Rhythm Method, another Long Island band. They became Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge. Their song “The Worst That Could Happen” went gold in 1969. Maestro performed with The Brooklyn Bridge until two months before his death.

He was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on May 7, 1939 as John Mastrangelo. He is survived by his wife Grace and three children Lisa, Brad, and Tracy.

Candle knocked over during voodoo sex ritual causes apartment fire

September 9th, 2017

Saturday, February 26, 2011

An elderly Brooklyn, New York woman was found dead yesterday after a fire triggered by a voodoo ceremony caused a blaze in an apartment that left dozens homeless. The details of the ceremony were not clear, but sources say it led to sex.

An unidentified woman hired a Voodoo priest for $300, identified as Nelson (Pepe) Pierre, to perform a mystic ceremony meant to bring her good luck. The woman went to Pierre’s apartment, where she ended up in bed surrounded by lit candles which were mistakenly knocked over, setting the bedsheets on fire. In an effort to suppress the flames, Pierre splashed water from the bathroom sink on the sheets while his roommate, who was ironing at the time, opened a window for air. However, according to the New York Fire Department, wind gusting through the open window created a “blowtorch effect” which caused the fire to spread to the 4th floor hallway and into the 5th and 6th floors. The blaze killed one woman, three others were severely injured, and at least 20 firefighters were left with burn wounds.

Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented … hopefully others will learn from this tragedy

In an NYFD statement, Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano said, “Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented. This fire had so many of those elements … hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.” It took hours for hundreds of firemen from dozens of companies to bring the raging fire under control.

Pierre, a man in his 60s, did not call 911 right away, but attempted to quell the fire using water from the bathroom sink. A source in law enforcement said, “Nobody sees a crime right now. It was an accident. Maybe they weren’t careful, but they did try to put it out.”

Mary Feagin, a 64-year old retired teacher, died in the blaze.

The New York Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

5 Rules Of Digital Marketing Company In Delhi For 2017}

September 6th, 2017

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Submitted by: Borntorank Rank

As the year attracts to a nearby, computerized advertisers wherever are investigating to 2017 and the crisp open doors the year will bring. Innovation will keep on delivering new courses for brands and clients to draw in with each other, yet client inclinations can change pretty much as fast. Computerized advertisers require an explanatory approach and a pledge to remaining current with innovation to guarantee comes about. However its likewise essential not to dismiss the human side.

As a result of these difficulties, making arrangements for the future in advanced promoting is difficult. Be that as it may, in the event that you remember these five guidelines, your 2017 advanced showcasing endeavors will be more fruitful:

Computerized advertising is about connection Digital Marketing Company in Delhi showcasing – like most promoting – isnt just about offering more stuff. In any event, it shouldnt be. A successful advanced promoting technique can communicate a brands motivation, or their why, says Anderson Methew, organizer of computerized showcasing office, DigitalWebClue. This reason resounds with a group of people looking for more profound associations with brands. At our center, people are social creatures that are truly wired to interface. The achievement of advanced advertising instruments like online networking, promoting centers and web journals are proof of this hunger for human association.

To urge clients to associate with your image, you should first pick up and exhibit a comprehension of the clients needs, needs and difficulties. This permits you to create advanced promoting that is close to home, customized, and information based, and in addition social. IBMs THINK Marketing media center point is embodies this methodology, conveying helpful and applicable substance in view of modified substance recommendations from BM matson counterfeit consciousness stage.

YouTube Preview Image

Obviously, not each brand has innovation like matsonavailable to them. In any case, you can at present pick up a more profound comprehension of your client and enhance your capacity to convey what they require in 2017 by further building up your client trip and personas. These are vital to creating advanced showcasing content that draws in clients: its about recognizing what your client needs and conveying it in ways that are both helpful and convincing.

Connect with your kin The way of computerized is social, in light of the fact that the way of individuals is social. Where it counts, simply filling their requirement for stuff regularly isnt what your clients are after; theyre after a feeling of association with your item, your image, and your kin. However for some brands, making genuine associations on computerized media is trying no doubt.

You can purchase clicks, yet you cant purchase the sort of engagement that originates from a genuine human association. Especially via web-based networking media, clients look to feel associated with a genuine individual behind your computerized showcasing. That is the place your representatives come in. Organizations like Zappos have had incredible accomplishment with a computerized media procedure that gives clients a look off camera, where they can get to be associated with the general population behind the brand. In 2017, look for approaches to draw in your kin in your computerized showcasing endeavors; regularly they are your best evangelists.

Visuals are importantThe prominence of principally visual social stages like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook shows a basic truth: the Internet is essentially a visual medium. That implies for your computerized showcasing that regardless of the possibility that you offer the best substance, if its not bundled outwardly for simple utilization, clients wont draw in with it.

Whether its infographics or just adding a convincing visual guide to a bit of substance, studies demonstrate that visuals can upgrade maintenance. At the point when individuals hear data, they overlook everything except 10% of it inside three days. When they see the data, they recollect 65% of it three days after the fact. That is the force of visuals in your computerized promoting. In 2017, discover approaches to convey your advanced showcasing content all the more outwardly.

Keep in mind the 80/20 Rule The Pareto Principle says that 80% of results originate from 20% of causes. This implies for your advanced advertising that 80% of clients wont draw in with your images computerized showcasing endeavors. Just 20% will really draw in with the substance, by setting aside the opportunity to take a gander at it. Of those lone around 5% or so will go past that sort of low level engagement to really making a buy or reacting to your suggestion to take action.

The 80/20 guideline applies to all parts of your advanced showcasing, from the substance you deliver, to the strategies you select. In 2017, try to comprehend which clients and procedures make up your 20% and construct your showcasing motor around them. Dissect and modify The main steady in the realm of computerized showcasing is change. As the year advances, you have to break down your outcomes, and calibrate what youre doing to always enhance how you are connecting with clients. What worked in 2016 may not work in 2017. What works in January may not work by July. In 2017, it will be imperative to continually examine the outcomes youre getting and stay aware of the always advancing computerized client.

From the proceeding with progress of innovations like versatile business and counterfeit consciousness, to the changing scene around SEO and online networking, advanced showcasing in 2017 will mean adjusting rapidly to change. Whether youre showcasing endeavors incorporate substance advertising, inbound, online networking, pay-per-click, member plans, eCommerce, or different strategies, these tenets will guarantee that you can get more results from your computerized promoting endeavors.

About the Author: Computerized advertising is about connection Digital Marketing Company in Delhi showcasing – like most promoting – isnt just about offering more stuff. In any event, it shouldnt be. A successful advanced promoting technique can communicate a brands motivation




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USPTO partially confirms validity of Amazon “1-click patent”

September 6th, 2017

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an office action, which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the Amazon 1-Click patent, US 5,960,411. The patent examiner, however, rejected claims 1 to 5 and 11 to 15. Amazon now has up to six months to amend the rejected claims to overcome the examiner’s rejection, provide arguments to demonstrate that the examiner is in error and/or provide evidence to demonstrate the patentability of their claims. During this period, the entire patent is still considered valid under US patent law.

The USPTO is reconsidering the patentability of the claims due to a request for reexamination filed by New Zealander Peter Calveley. Mr. Calveley used internet archives to show that defunct company Digi Cash used a similar technique prior to Amazon. Despite costing a substantial sum of cash and requiring donations to prepare and file the request for reexamination, Calveley said he did it as a game and hopes that his success inspires others to play the same game.

“One Click” shopping is an ecommerce technique, which allows a customer to purchase products via the Internet without repeatedly entering personal information such as name and address. At the time it was introduced it eased the frustration of on-line shopping.

Amazon filed the patent application for 1-click shopping in early 1997 and was granted the patent in September 1999. 23 days later Amazon sued rival Barnes & Noble for alleged infringement by its “Express Lane” ordering which was introduced in 1998. In December 1999 Amazon won an interim injunction against Barnes & Noble but the USA Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit lifted this injunction in February 2001. The parties then settled their dispute for undisclosed terms. Amazon has since successfully licensed the technique to other e-sellers such as Apple.

U.S. retailers sue world’s largest credit card issuer

September 6th, 2017

Saturday, July 16, 2005

U.S. retail chain stores Kroger’s, Walgreens and five other food and drugstore chains have filed a lawsuit against the world’s largest credit card company, Visa International Inc. The federal lawsuit claims the company practices fee fixing on transactions, and with restricting competition among member banks.

The retail merchants claim that Visa acts in collusion with its member banks to fix transaction fees taken as a percentage of each retail sale. The suit was filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, and seeks unspecified damages.

Member banks, those banks that issue and process merchants’ Visa transactions, are unable to negotiate transaction fees directly with the merchant, and merchants are forced to accept Visa purchases regardless of the issuing bank. The complaint says, “The merchant restraints have resulted in exorbitant interchange fees that bear no relationship to the cost of the services being provided.”

Merchants see the rising use of card transactions and the effect it has on their bottom line. The interchange fees are currently 1.75% from most banks, but on some cards it rose this year to 2.9%. The National Retail Federation said for 2004 that between Visa and MasterCard, they pulled in $17.4 billion, a surcharge borne by the consumer regardless of whether they pay by cash or plastic.

Retailers do not oppose transaction fees, but believe they should be based on market forces. They claim that technology has lowered the cost of processing the transactions, but the savings is not being passed along to them. There are currently four major credit card providers in the U.S.

Webpronews writer John Smith cites this merchant quote: “The collective setting of interchange fees by Visa and its member banks constitutes horizontal price-fixing that leads to higher retail prices for our customers,” said Paul Heldman, Kroger senior vice president and general counsel. “This hidden cost must be borne by all Kroger customers, whether they pay for their groceries with cash, by check or by debit or credit card. At a time when technology has made card authorization and processing faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient than ever, we believe that our customers should be receiving the benefit of declining interchange fees. Instead, Visa is using its extraordinary market power to profit at our customers’ expense.”

A small group of Connecticut retailers filed a similar lawsuit last month naming along with Visa, MasterCard and several other large banks. The suit was filed in Connecticut’s federal court. That suit also calls the fees “exorbitant”.

The Vice-President of Visa, Paul Cohen, said “It appears this is another in a series of attempts by some merchants to receive all the value of electronic payments, while shifting their normal costs of doing business onto consumers.”

Saudis boycott Danish dairy produce

September 5th, 2017

Friday, January 27, 2006

On January 26, 2006, a massive boycott of dairy produce from Arla Foods started in Saudi Arabia over what is perceived as a Danish attack on Muslim values. The Saudi ambassador to Denmark has been recalled for consultations.

The Danish/Swedish dairy company Arla is facing a massive loss after a spreading boycott of its produce in Saudi Arabia. Four Saudi retail chains have already removed Arla products from the shelves. One retail chain has placed yellow warning tape (common fare for accidents and crime scenes) over Arla products. There have been cases reported of Arla delivery trucks being attacked by stones thrown from bystanders. Marianne Castenskiold, a senior consultant for Dansk Industri, expressed a fear that the boycott will spread to other countries in the region and have detrimental effects on other Danish products. Denmark is one of the leading exporters of agriculture in northern Europe, whose economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade and investment.

The boycott has been announced at Friday prayer services in Saudi mosques since January 20, 2006, obviously helping to foment popular support of the nation’s response to Denmark’s alleged ignorance of Muslim values. On at least one occasion, a delivery truck has been greeted by thrown stones.

The boycott is a response to the publication of an article in a major Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. In its September 30, 2005 issue, the paper printed 12 drawings of the Muslim prophet Muhammed, as a response to previous news reports that the publisher of a forthcoming childrens’ book about the prophet had had difficulty in finding an illustrator, due to fear of extremist reactions; drawings of the prophet are prohibited by Islamic Law (see aniconism). In an attempt to start a debate over freedom of speech in Denmark, the newspaper printed 12 drawings of the prophet. Four of these were of a satirical nature, with one showing the prophet with a turban hiding a lit bomb.

The immediate reactions to the publication of the drawings included ambassadors from 12 Muslim countries demanding that the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, denounce the newspaper. Rasmussen rejected this demand, stating that “Danish freedom of speech does not allow the government to control what newspapers print”. He further noted that the only possible legal action against the newspaper would be one under the charge of blasphemy.

A debate ensued over the following months about freedom of speech and its value in relation to avoiding religious taboos. In mid-December 2005, a delegation from several Danish Muslim organizations went on a tour in several Middle-Eastern and Arabic countries, reportedly to gain sympathy for their point of view. Several reports state that during the tour the difficulties faced by Muslims in Denmark were grossly overstated.

Pr &Amp; Issues Management No Longer Dirty Words By Ronn Torossian

September 3rd, 2017

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Yesterday we were informed that the banking industry has regained profits bringing it close to the pre-crisis levels. The analysis of how they got there indicated that the bigger lenders performed better than those institutions who still preferred keeping funds to themselves as opposed to benefiting the still-struggling public. I am well aware of the substantial role PR took in reaching this point for the large banks who we used to – and some still do – envy for their success. But this PR tactic did not start overnight. Analysis and insight shows that they are beginning to seriously adopt “issues management” as an effective tool which allows companies to reposition their brand in the new business environment.

Until recently, large corporations with a prestige in certain niches used to avoid using the term “PR.” They’d use “corporate communications” or “marcom” to describe the management function of initiating activities directed at building relationships with their different publics. They found PR to be something to avoid, or as something to simply use to promote news, rather than as a proactive, positive tool.

Issues management is a constant public podium over which a client expresses its position, policy and direction. Wouldn’t such an open channel be great coverage for many brands? Company communications and media relations need not be limited to “special” news, events and announcements. Not every company runs special events on a daily or weekly basis. But every company holds a certain expertise it prides with. Use that expertise to address ongoing issues and news. Communicate positions on ongoing debates and interests.

Here are some tips for “issues management,’ a strictly-PR practice:

YouTube Preview Image

What do you stand for? Make a permanent list of topics and issues you have strong positioning on or are comfortable debating. This list will be the first step in starting your issues management practice.

What’s on the public agenda? Whatever you do, make sure to be knowledgeable on what goes on in your industry. Have your ear to the ground so you don’t miss out on any opportunity to voice your opinion as an expert. Issues management is a tool directed at reputation building.

Media relations: this is where you materialize the opportunity. Learn the ways to pitch the media or hire a PR pro. The media often works in a specific way, often with a “gatekeeper” in charge of screening the timely stories from the irrelevant or inadequately written ones. Another way to communicate your issue management contents is through a company blog. Use it professionally and as a “issues management’ channel and you’ll find it valuable to your reputational positioning too.

Build your reputation: if you expressed your opinion and drew attention from the media it is useless unless you build a reputation around it. The “public” element in “Public Relations’ is key for results. If you don’t share and disseminate it widely enough it would not do as much for your reputation. Communicate it out, and use various media channels to do so. These may include social and online media, internal publications and newsletters.

Reputation management: Repeating this procedure over time will build your reputation and online presence too so next time a potential client, business partner or industry players search you up online they will find numerous position statements, news-based communications and professional development position of you and your company. It is priceless and invaluable to position yourself using your natural expertise.

Issues management is now known to be an integral part of a crisis management plan, a positioning and branding tool and mainly a best PR practice that is often neglected. Perhaps you could use issues management to make gain more out of the time spent following the news.

Article Source: sooperarticles.com/business-articles/press-release-articles/pr-issues-management-no-longer-dirty-words-ronn-torossian-795365.html

About Author:

Ronn Torossian is president and CEO of 5WPR, one of the 20 largest independent PR agencies in the U.S. Named one of the top “40 Under 40” by PR Week & Advertising Age, Ronn Torossian was a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and may be reached via email at Ronn@5wpr.com, or twitter @rtorossian5wpr. Author: Ronn T

News briefs:February 01, 2008

September 3rd, 2017


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    • 2.2 High level al-Qaeda leader reported dead
    • 2.3 International manhunt for alleged kidney harvester
  • 3 Non-disastrous local events with notable impact and dead celebrities
    • 3.1 Envelopes containing white powder sent to Church of Scientology locations in southern California, USA
    • 3.2 Vermont town to vote on charging US President, Vice President of war crimes
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    • 4.1 Microsoft bids $44 billion for Yahoo!
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