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What No One Tells You About Gridland Sport}

July 7th, 2017

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Submitted by: Mike Jalte

Grinland is the overall game created by Doublespeak Games, companies of A Black Space, which nearly a certain symbolize a fascinating and ingenious game. It’s difficult to state why and how, since the overall game slowly changes as you progress. It’s sort of the game such as for example fit 3 puzzle game. You need to press one two tiles to be able to change them, and then, should they match, you acquire the displayed resources.

While time goes, it’s moved only when you are creating a change, therefore you’ve to match as much as probable since other tiles can drop to restore others you presently removed. Therefore, it appears strange and actually easy. You should learn all on your own what’s occurring, because the game doesn’t provide any help or something like that. There’s actually larger importance of your matching during the days, because matching can perhaps work against you, so you have to carefully choose your fits to be able to be successful, particularly when sunlight is certainly going down.

So, through the day grid has 5 titles: cloth, rock, metal, timber and grain. All of them, except from feed, are used as storage. Grain improves your health.

YouTube Preview Image

There are five structures in the game: home (where you store your resources), stone coating (for increasing source tiles), weaver (improving material tiles), blacksmith (improving rock tiles), sawmill (improving timber tiles). While getting resources, they’re going within your house and build squares. Creating a complete sq of a source, person requires it to boost his buildings. You are able to prioritize one of the buildings by clicking on them. All the buildings needs three of the sources to improve. When all 3 bars are whole, the building can be enhanced to the next level. The tiles may increase, so you will get more resources.

When the night time comes all the pieces become night tiles. Timber becomes shield, rock becomes tool, wheat becomes melee fighter (zombie), fabric becomes ranged beast (skeleton archer), clay becomes quickly monster (rat). Each one of these tiles are influenced by increasing of the buildings. If you improve sawmill, you’ll improve the shield. If you increase the weaver, you’ll enhance the monster.

When you become able to match three or even more beast tiles, then monster spawns. Then you definitely should pursuit it and kill it, that’ll injury your hearts. Each monster may gain your experience. After developing an amount, you get extra living heart. After they die, creatures have just small possiblity to decline a chest, which could contain 1-3 various things that could be used later: potion can treat, orange bomb may kill all predators nearby When you can fit three weapons, you receive a sword and this may boost your damage. Whenever you fit three glasses, you receive a shield.

And everytime you are eliminating the creatures, the moon will go on to the right. Your day becomes once the moon is completely to proper and then all of the tiles can switch to daytime equivalents. Therefore, in order to be excellent at this sport, focus on several matches. Then select structures that you want to prioritize. Give attention to the blacksmith and the sawmill. while they help you obtain sword and shield. In the event that you improve your creatures, you will make your night harder. By the finish of the day, you wish to be equipped for the night. To do that, you need to fit grain, material and clay and leave rock and wood. In this way you can be positive rock and a lot of tools can be found for the night.

That slow spaced sport requires a lot of persistence and experimentation. The game continues to be developing of being healthy and tweaked. Grinland will more than likely get a hard party, because supporters perhaps expected to be a sequel or even still another game which includes same gameplay. It sometimes seems little low, but it provides fair number of shocks, actually when it can be extremely gradual revealing them.

Whenever you learn evolving of the game and when you successfully complete your days and days, it can become a quite effective hook. Among its defects can be the downside of one’s avatar which movements incredibly slow.

About the Author: So, if you want to do a fit while day is adjusting to night, and if your avatar is performing anything in the same time picking up anything by visiting





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Dungog, Australia residents celebrate continued protection of local forest

July 7th, 2017

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Local residents of Dungog, a small country town in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, held a celebratory nature walk on Sunday after they received assurance that their local forest was deemed worthy of “enduring protection.” Previously, a proposal before the NSW government to log over one million hectares of protected national park forests had caused alarm among nature conservationists.

To celebrate the continued protection of national parks in NSW, a free guided walk was held on Sunday in the Black Bulga Range Conservation Area. This family-friendly nature ramble meandered along the mountain’s ridge, with locals enjoying the forest, sharing a cup of billy tea and knowledge about the local forest’s ecology and history. The physical presence of the locals in the forest demonstrated their continued use of this area and the importance of national parks for the community.

Since early 2012, the possibility of logging for commercial timber in NSW national parks had been emerging. A state government inquiry on the management of public land in NSW received submissions and evidence from both the Australian and NSW Forest Products Associations (FPA). The FPA’s recommendation to “tenure swap” between national parks and state forests in order to sustain the timber industry were included in the final governmental report.

The process began in April 2012 when the NSW Legislative Council —the upper house of the parliament of NSW— established an inquiry into the management of public land in New South Wales, conducted by the General Purpose Standing Committee No. 5. According to a media release from the Legislative Council at the time, the primary purpose of the inquiry was to “scrutinise the management of the State’s public land and review the process and impact of converting Crown Land, State Forests or agricultural land into National Park estate.”

By August that year, the committee had received a recommendation from Mr. Grant Johnson of the Australian Forests Products Association for the “re-introduction of harvesting activities in forest areas previously set aside for conservation.” The following month, Mr. Johnson and Mr Russell Alan Ainley, Executive Director, NSW Forest Products Association, were invited before the committee. At this hearing, the chair, Mr. R. L. Brown, member for the Shooters and Fishers Party, asked Mr. Ainley for “a calculation of the area currently in [national parks] reserve that would need to be returned [to state forest] to be available for timber extraction”. In response, Mr. Ainley suggested “a little more than one million hectares.”

On May 15, the NSW Legislative Council published a Final Report on the management of public land in New South Wales. Among its key recommendations was that “the NSW Government immediately identify appropriate reserved areas for release to meet the levels of wood supply needed to sustain the timber industry, and that the NSW Government take priority action to release these areas, if necessary by a ‘tenure swap’ between national park estate and State forests. In particular, urgent action is required for the timber industry in the Pilliga region.”

A “tenure swap” would reserve areas of NSW state forest where logging is now allowed, in exchange for opening areas of national parks for logging.

Environment groups such as The Nature Conservation Council of NSW and The Wilderness Society announced that these government documents signaled an immediate threat of logging in national parks in NSW. This information raised concerns of other community and activist groups because logging is not conducted in national parks in Australia. According to the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, a national park is an area designated to “protect Australia’s plants, animals, ecosystems, unique geology and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural connections to the land.”

The Black Bulga State Conservation Area was one of many parks listed by the environment group Save Your National Parks as potentially vulnerable for “tenure swap”. This forest covers 1554 hectares and connects Dungog Shire to the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park, part of a green corridor from the ocean to the mountains.

Residents living near the forest were concerned by the proposal for logging in their area. A local information day held in June, at the Settlers Arms, Dungog, motivated local action. As a consequence of the event, over forty hand-written letters were posted to the Premier and local MPs. In a recent reply from the NSW government, the Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker, stated: “The Government does not support commercial logging in national parks and reserves, including Black Bulga State Conservation Area, and has no plans to allow it. The NSW Government recognises that our national parks and reserves are special and unique places that deserve enduring protection. The Government is committed to their important role in conserving native flora and fauna and cultural heritage, and to improving community well-being through increased opportunities for recreation and tourism”.

As reported in the Dungog Chronicle, Jo New of the Black Bulga Range Action Group was thrilled by the government’s response to a community-driven campaign. “It goes to show what a wonderful impact local people can have after they do something simple, like posting a letter”.

Simbithi Eco Estate A Green Haven

July 4th, 2017

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Simbithi Eco-Estate A Green Haven


Jerald Altidor

Simbithi Eco-Estate, nestled serenely between the seaside towns of Ballito and Salt Rock, presents investors and prospective homeowners with all of this and so much more. The spectacular 430-hectare eco-estate boasts a range of encompassing indigenous forests, an arrangement of dams and rivers, and lush valley wetlands. Delicately positioned amid these natural jewels are the lodging and facilities of Simbithi, simple and yet stunning extensions of the surrounding natural environment.

Just one of the elite facilities established include a 3,500m2 pristine clubhouse embedded into the foliage of a majestic wild fig tree creating a magnificent emerald green back drop. After the exhilarating experience of playing amongst the spectacular views of the


\’s 18 hole, par 60 golf course, the tranquil beauty of the clubhouse is an ideal setting to sit back and unwind.

YouTube Preview Image

However, if the challenging and sometimes exasperating game of golf is not your forte, an array of other exceptional facilities and activities are available that will keep you captivated. From an exceptional 14 stable equestrian centre with immaculate lawns and an on looking clubhouse to a selection of meandering walking trails that allow residents to appreciate the magnificent wildlife that they share the estate with.

The spectacular location of Simbithi Property Estate not only allows for breathe taking views of seascapes along side rolling hills, it is also conveniently situated only 30 minutes from Durban s bustling city centre and a mere 10 minutes from the new King Shaka International Airport. Just a short drive along a scenic route can take you any where in the world.

With the haste of the development and construction on the north coast, it is refreshing to come across such an extraordinary estate with the future of our environment in mind. For investors and potential homeowners that share this significant stance on environmental preservation, Simbithi Eco-Estate is an ideal place to start anew.

Simbithi Eco-Estate has more to offer than just proximity to seaside paradise. The ecologically sensitive development is intentionally positioned on 430 hectares of prime land, including dams, indigenous forests and grasslands in its expansive surroundings. The heartbeat of Simbithi Eco-Estate has been established with the creation of popular community centres and an active Country Club that houses the Fig Tree restaurant. Not only does Simbithi Eco-Estate afford homeowners the opportunity to live harmoniously with nature, but also the chance to return to an earlier time when neighbours mingled and children played in the streets. It is a way of preserving nature, as much as it is a way of preserving a lifestyle.

Not only suitably convenient for the avid nature-lover,

Simbithi Eco-Estate

has specially built facilities with ample activities for all residents. A swimming pool, tennis courts, a well-appointed restaurant, eventing facility, as well as an equestrian centre, are the pride of the Estate. Furthermore, the aspiring golfer would be delighted to take advantage of the eighteen-hole Peter Matkovich executive course.

Ballito is the pinnacle of what people adore about Kwa-Zulu Natal and a highly sought after backdrop for luxury homes on the Dolphin Coast.


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Publishers seek injunction against Google Print

July 4th, 2017

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A number of publishers represented by the trade union group Association of American Publishers (AAP) filed an injuction in U.S. District Court in New York on Wednesday to stop Google from moving forward with plans for its Print Library Project.

The current situation between the publishing industry and Google requires that copyright holders notify the search engine if they do not want works to appear on the internet in full by November 1. Where requests by copyright holders exist, the search result will display only a snippet of the text and a link to where users can buy a hard copy. Google denies it is violating U.S. copyright law.

Negotiations broke down when Google rejected a proposal by AAP to use ISBN.

Parties to the injunction want to implement a system where a listing of permissible works and books is populated by the discretion of the publisher or author. By default, all other copyrighted content would be excluded.

Google offers this explanation of how Google Print works:

Just do a search on the Google Print homepage. When we find a book whose content contains a match for your search terms, we’ll link to it in your search results. Click a book title and you’ll see the page of the book that has your search terms, along with other information about the book and “Buy this Book” links to online bookstores (you can view the entirety of public domain books or, for books under copyright, just a few pages or in some cases, only the title’s bibliographic data and brief snippets). You can also search for more information within that specific book and find nearby libraries that have it.

Plaintiffs involved in the case are McGraw-Hill, Pearson PLC, Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster, Inc. and John Wiley & Sons. Recovery of court costs are being sought, but no punitive damages.

Standard Operating Procedure changes at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

July 4th, 2017

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In an investigation reported on first by Wikinews, Wikileaks today revealed another chapter in the story of the Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) manual for the Camp Delta facility at Guantanamo Bay. The latest documents they have received are the details of the 2004 copy of the manual signed off by Major General Geoffrey D. Miller of the U.S. Southern Command. This is following on from the earlier leaking of the 2003 version. Wikileaks passed this document to people they consider experts in the field to carry out an analysis trying to validate it. Following this, they set out to assess what had changed between 2003 and 2004; including attempts to link publicly known incidents with changes to the manual.

Wikinews obtained the document and did an in-depth analysis. The American Civil Liberties Union had previously made a request to view and obtain copies of the same document, but was denied access to them.

One of the first notable changes to the document relates to the detainees themselves. Previously they read the camp rules during admission processing. Rules are now posted around the camp in detainees’ languages. The English version of the rules is as follows:

  1. Comply with all rules and regulations. You are subject to disciplinary action if you disobey any rule or commit any act, disorder, or neglect that is prejudicial to good order and discipline.
  2. You must immediately obey all orders of U.S. personnel. Deliberate disobedience, resistance, or conduct of a mutinous or riotous nature will be dealt with by force. Be respectful of others. Derogatory comments toward camp personnel will not be tolerated.
  3. You may not have any articles that can be used as a weapon in your possession at any time. If a weapon is found in your possession, you will be severely punished. Gambling is strictly forbidden.
  4. Being truthful and compliance will be rewarded. Failure to comply will result in loss of privileges.
  5. All trash will be returned immediately to U.S. personnel when you are finished eating. All eating utensils must be returned after meals.
  6. No detainee may conduct or participate in any form of military drill, organized physical fitness, hand-to-hand combat, or martial arts style training.
  7. The camp commander will ensure adequate protection for all personnel. Any detainee who mistreats another detainee will be punished. Any detainee that fears his life is in danger, or fears physical injury at the hands of another person can report this to U.S. personnel at any time.
  8. Medical emergencies should be brought to the guards’ attention immediately.

Your decision whether or not to be truthful and comply will directly affect your quality of life while in this camp.

Of concern to groups such as Amnesty International who campaign for the camp’s closure, or Human Rights Watch concerned about prisoner handling under the prisoner of war aspects of the Geneva Convention, is the fact that policy for newly admitted detainees still allows for up to 4 weeks where access to the detainee by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) may be denied. In addition, guards are not to allow ICRC staff to pass mail to detainees.

A new process has been formed which allows guards to determine whether or not a detainee receives awards, or is punished. The form is called a GTMO Form 508-1 (pictured to the right). According to the manual, the form “is used to determine which rewards the detainee will lose or gain,” but “special rewards” can also be earned, outside of the process. One special reward is time allowed outside. Another special reward is a roll of toilet paper, but the detainee cannot share it with others. Doing so will result in “punishment” and confiscation of the roll. If the detainee already has a roll of toilet paper, he is not allowed to have another.

“Guards need to ensure that the detainee doesn’t receive additional toilet paper when the detainee already has it. The amount given to the detainee will be the same amount as normally distributed to the detainee,” states the manual.

No matter how bad a detainee may act, “haircuts will never be used as punitive action” against them, but they can have hair removed for health reasons. They can, however, be segregated from other detainees.

“If a detainee has committed an offense that requires segregation time, even if a segregation cell is not available, the detainee will receive a shave and a haircut for hygiene and medical reasons. If the detainee is IRFed, the haircut and shave will follow the decontamination process,” adds the manual. Barbers are also part of cell searches.

Despite these changes, a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring the furore over detainee abuse does not recur. Rules governing the use of pepper spray (Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC) appear at an earlier point in the manual with considerable expansion. Infractions such as spitting, throwing water at, or attempting to urinate on guards appear as explicitly listed cases where pepper spray may not be used. Extensive decontamination procedures are included in the document, including immediately calling for a medical check on any detainee exposed to pepper spray. This was not previously present.

As a counter to the clearer instructions on use of pepper spray, Wikileaks asserts that many of the stricter rules for guards (referred to as Military Police or MPs in the 2003 manual) aim to reduce fraternisation that may improve detainee morale and adversely influence any interrogation process. Guards are informed in the manual not to take personal mail and parcels within the detention blocks or at any other duty stations. All electronic devices except issued materiel are prohibited, and guards may face disciplinary action should they keep detainees apprised of current affairs or discuss issues in their personal lives.

Additional restrictions on the detainees’ chaplain are included in the revised document. Wikileaks speculated that many of these changes might have stemmed from the widely publicised case of James Yee. Captain Yee, a West Point graduate, served at the Guantanamo Bay base as a Muslim chaplain to the detainees and received two Distinguished Service medals for his work. Following discovery of a list of detainees and interrogators by U.S. Customs in Florida Yee was charged with sedition, aiding the enemy, spying, espionage, and failure to obey a general order. Eventually all charges were dropped with national security concerns being raised should evidence be released.

The most notable changes surrounding the role of the chaplain include its removal as a permanent position on the facility’s Library Working group and its exclusion from the decision process on appropriate detainee reading material. Wikileaks contacted lawyers representing detainees in the camp to perform their own analysis. Their opinion of the changes were that the library operation had been considerably tightened up. Duplicate books are required for the individual four camps to prevent covert use of books to communicate between camps. Periodicals, dictionaries, language instruction books, technology or medical update information, and geography were additions to the prohibited material. Instructions indicate such books must be returned to the source or donor.

The revised SOP manual makes considerable progress on documenting procedures, even those that are remote possibilities. A lengthy addition details rules to follow in the event of an escape or escape attempt. Laced throughout this procedure is an emphasis on having any such incident fully documented and – wherever possible – filmed. The procedure is explicit in how to recapture an escaped detainee with minimal use of force. One additional procedure covers the admission of ambulances to the main base area. A detailed security protocol to ensure only expected and authorised traffic gains access is included, as is a procedure streamlined to ensure the ambulance arrives on the scene as quickly as possible.

Unchanged from the 2003 manual is the set menu of four ready-to-eat meals (Meal, Ready-to-Eat or MRE) issued to detainees. However, additional steps are to be taken for “MRE Sanitization”; supply personnel must remove anything that can damage waste disposal systems— presumably a military term for toilets. Under normal camp conditions, detainees should be fed hot meals as opposed to MREs, but no details on the variety of menu are included.

Wikinews attempted to get feedback on this. US Southern Command passed a query on to Rick Haupt (Commander, U.S. Navy Director of Public Affairs, Joint Task Force at Guantanamo) who responded that “questions were forwarded along with a request to authenticate the leaked document; a response is pending.” At this time no response to emails has been received from the ICRC or Human Rights Watch.

The Pentagon has requested that the document be removed from Wikileaks because “information with the FOUO (For Official Use Only) label is not approved for release to the public.” They then state that the document can be “made available through a Freedom Of Information Act request through official channels.”

 This story has updates See US military confirms authenticity of Standard Operating Procedures for Guantanamo Bay 

Howard’s 10 year party gatecrashed

July 4th, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2006

62 Clendon Rd Toorak, Victoria was the address of John Howard’s 10 year celebration as scores of Invited guests ranging from fellow Liberal Party members to the business elite. Yet scores of onlookers without a $10,000 per table invitation had something different to say about Prime Minister as they staged a counter party.

Unionists and members of the local Melbourne community chanted at the arriving Prime Minister and other politicians in attendance about the lack of access Australians have to the political process in Australia. John Howard’s white ambassadorial sedan headed a convoy that was egged and surrounded before entering the Myer Family’s estate. A tarpaulin was laid on the road in-front of the entrance which read “Raise funds for the needy, not the greedy” and “Howard: unforgivable, lies”.

The media watched on as a congregating crowd shared pizza and engaged in a game of cricket, as a parody of John Howard’s bowling attempts in a mid-2005 game with troops deployed overseas. A couple of people arrived suited up in black after messages had been circulating asking people to attend the counter-party in formal attire.

Police cordoned off a path leading up as guests arrived at which point most people left. One police officer was targeted and heckled by protestors and the media as he was not wearing identification after being involved in man-handling one middle-aged man away from the scene.

No injuries occurred and no arrests were made.

Pinnacle Neelanchal Sus Baner Annexe Pune By Pinnacle Group}

July 4th, 2017

Click Here For More Specific Information On:

Submitted by: Prasad Kumar

Pinnacle Neelanchal, Sus Baner Annexe, Pune is a unique residential development consisting of 10 towers. Gives you the feeling of being at home built in the lap of nature.


RCC Structure:

The project is Earthquake resistant the RCC Frame structure designed is seismic load as per IS codes.

External Walls are six inch thick built in AEC block Internal Walls are four inch thick built in AEC block

The external walls are plastered with sand faced double coat sponge plaster the internal wall have a gypsum finish the ceiling also has gypsum finish


Living and other rooms – 600X600 vitrified flooring with 3″ same skirting (

Washrooms, terrace and dry balcony

12″X12″ anti skid ceramic flooring (Euro).


Internal – Concealed G.I fittings and pipes with proper joints using chemicals.

External – G.I fittings and pipes

Provision for washing machine with small washing place in dry balcony


Branded sanitary fittings with provision of hot and cold water mixer (Jaguar/Grohe Or Equivalent).

YouTube Preview Image

Dado in glazed/ ceramic tiles up to lintel level

Colored wash basin of suitable size (Parryware/Hindware Or Equivalent).

Commode with jet sprays (Parryware/Hindware Or Equivalent).


One side 24″ wide jet black granite platform with SS sink (Nirali).

Porcelain matt finished ceramic tiles dado up to lintel level

Provision for refrigerato

Attached dry balcony with provision for washing machine and dish washe


UPVC sliding windows with mosquito net and safety grill (LG or equivalent)

Provision for exhaust fan in kitchen and washrooms

Granite/Marble windows sills in all rooms and washrooms


Internal – OBD paint

External – texture paint


Decorative main entrance door in teak wood with veneer finish as well as hall drop Handle, night latch, tower bolt and magic eye

All flush doors with plywood frames

Granite/Marble frame for all washroom doors

Premium quality SS fixtures and fittings


Concealed fine resistant high quality copper wiring (Polycab/Finolex).

Ample light points with branded modular switches (Legrand/Roma /Crabtree).

TV point in living and master bedroom

AC point in living and all bedrooms

Provision for inverter point

Provision for exhaust fan in kitchen and washrooms

Earth leakage circuit breakerElevators:

Elevators of attractive cabin with auto rescue V3F drive feature and generator back-up (Otis/Kone Or Equivalent)

Master Plan

Additional super-luxurious amenities:

CCTV surveillance security system

Open space with garden, tropical forest, senior citizen plaza, children’s play area and temple

Jogging track, tennis court, space for performing arts

Club house with swimming pool, gym, library and society office

Essential shopping plaza – super market, grocery store, medical store

On call services like Doc, Vet doc, Ambulance, Laundromat

Day care centre for children

ATM facility

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Discounted flats

With inflation in the market, everything seems to have changed. What was considered an essential necessity at one point is turning into a cut throat competition with luxury acting as an added element. Rural sectors have become urbanized and each home is far distinctive from the other, as amenities, luxury and location play an important role, but the lack involving reliability, transparency, professionalism, ethical entity and trust offers left many property buyers tied inside the hands of furtive operators on the market, who claim to provide excellent service, but who eventually just look at their own needs and desires. but discounted flats provide a platform for developers and buyers where developers sell their property to those buyer who group together through discounted flats for the best price discounted flats helps to bridge the gap between the buyers and the developers this all is done with utmost transparency and reliability in a professional manner, discounted flats has helped many property buyers find the best property at beat price to know more about Discounted flats you can log on the website Discounted flats or contact Response Team

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Star Wars III premieres at Cannes

July 4th, 2017

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The final Star Wars film, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith premiered at the Cannes Festival on May 15, 2005, with George Lucas and the stars of the movie in attendance at the Grand Theatre Lumiere.

At the subsequent United Kingdom premiere on May 16, 2005, fans turned out in costume. Outside London’s Odeon cinema in Leicester Square, dozens of fans dressed as storm troopers, Jedi knights, and other characters for the film.

The movie is about the temptation of a Jedi knight to the Dark Side of the force, and his fiery transformation into the arch-villain Darth Vader.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is scheduled for general release in the United States on May 19, 2005, and is rated PG-13.

Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian described the climax of the film as following “what seems like seven hours of CGI action as dramatically weightless as the movement of tropical fish in an aquarium”. Bradshaw said the leading characters “gaze out over massive futuristic cityscapes resembling the photorealist artwork once used for 1970s sci-fi paperbacks: pointy buildings with swarms of pointy aircraft criss-crossing overhead, often bathed in crimson sunsets”.

He described Ewan McGregor‘s accent as “a simperingly lifeless Rada-English accent, a muddled and misconceived backdating of the Guinness original”, and said of Hayden Christensen that “If Princess Diana had gone to the Dark Side, she would have looked a lot like this”.

Describing Jimmy Smits, and Samuel L. Jackson as “acting as if on some kind of medication”, Natalie Portman as “incorrigibly clunky”, Bradshaw concluded that the film was “a product of George Lucas’s overweening production giant Industrial Light and Magic. No magic, little light, but an awful lot of heavy industry.”

Wendy Ide from The Times commented that “any spark of humour or irreverence that might have been present in the earlier films has been all but extinguished”, and accused the film of being carpeted by “a bombastic and overbearing” musical score.

Ide concluded that the film was “a textbook example of style over substance and, more importantly, soul”.

Ukraine advance after win against Tunisia in Group H

July 4th, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ukraine beat Tunisia by an Andriy Shevchenko penalty in Berlin to advance to the round of sixteen, Friday.

Roger Lemerre, coach of Tunisia, might consider his team were unlucky as the match seemed to turn on officiating decisions that favoured the Ukrainians.

Ukraine went into the last Group H game needing a draw to go through to the round of sixteen while Tunisia needed a win. It was a competitive match without much flair or accurate passing.

A total of just nine shots and six corner kicks and the 42 fouls amassed suggested that the game was mostly played in the centre third of the pitch.

The first of three things to go wrong from the Tunisia perspective was the sending off of arguably their best player Zied Jaziri. He got his second yellow card a minute before half-time for a mistimed challenge which followed a yellow card for foul simulation earlier in the game.

The second crucial moment, when the score was still 0-0, appeared to follow from an Andriy Rusol foul a few yards away from his penalty area on 64 minutes. The caution Rusol received meant he would miss Ukraine’s next Fifa World Cup match.

Anis Ayari took the freekick and got it up over the wall; it was close enough to going in that it landed on the netting on top of the goal. Unfortuantely for Tunisia television replay showed a Ukrainian player in the wall, inside the penalty area, stuck his arm up and the ball had clipped his arm on the way through.

This was the fifth time in three days at the World Cup players in defensive positions had put their hand up in their own penalty area to stop balls; it also happened in Portugal versus Mexico; Serbia and Montenegro versus Ivory Coast; and Croatia versus Australia. In this match no penalty was awarded for the handball.

Four minutes later Andriy Shevchenko made it 1-0 for Ukraine from the penalty spot. There was some question about whether the award was just. Although Shevchenko had done well to nip past the Tunisian keeper, and had two defenders in close vicinity, he had appeared to trip himself when he tapped his own left ankle with his right foot.

For neutral fans in the Olympiastadion a bright spot in a scrappy match came on on 89 minutes when Ali Boumnijel made a brilliant save from Andriy Voronin. Voronin was one-on-one with the Tunisian and the save seemed to block an almost certain second goal for Ukraine.

By that time the game was done and dusted and Ukraine were through to the round of sixteen of the Fifa World Cup for the first time in its history.


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